Interplanetary Holiday - 4/20/2022 - The People's Coin - #DoOnlyGoodEveryday - #tothemoon - Much wow


"Dogecoin is gearing up to the be the greatest meme of all time" - @itsALLrisky

Don't forget to 'wear' some green on you 4/20 or somebody could bark at you!
*WE DID IT!, #dogecoin endorsements below*

~ HAPPY DOGE DAY 4/20!!! ~

Elon Musk / SPACEX - going to put a literal dogecoin on the literal moon. Not hard to believe since his old Tesla car has been shot into space. Bought dogecoin for his newborn son; Meme Lord <3

Slim Jim - releasing a doge-themed snack on #DogeDay420! A driving force behind the creation of #DogeDay420 The People love Slim Jim <3

easyDN - Canadian web host begins accepting #dogecoin, bitcoin and other cryptos even so far as claiming they beat Elon Musk to the approach! <3

BOTS - A robotics company this Friday, said in a release, "Like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin & DOGECOIN is also a popular cryptocurrency used to buy and trade." BOTS now accepts dogecoin for all of it's products & services <3

Mark Cuban / Dallas Mavericks - you can purchase tickets to a Mavs game thanks to Cuban's vision, claims he will never sell a single dogecoin he receives because "supply & demand are undefeated" <3

Tilman Fertitta / Post Oak Motors in Houston, TX - Billionaire Fertitta is now accepting #dogecoin for Bentleys, Bugattis, & Rolls-Royces <3

Kessler - The luxury hotel chain is partnering with BitPay to accept #dogecoin & other cryptos due to growing demand, effective immediately <3

AirBaltic - Latvian airline, AirBaltic, began accepting dogecoin this March for bookings to meet demand <3

Dogecoin has reached a 52 billion market cap making it one of the largest cryptos EVER

Amazon to follow suit? The retail giant is currently under pressure to re-think its stance on cryptocurrency. Petitions (one petition already has over 114k signatures) on have gained traction seeking to get Amazon to accept #dogecoin as payment.

The coin has been touted by Jordan Belfort, Guy Fieri, Kevin Jonas, Snoop Dogg and many others with new endorsements rolling in all the time....

Starting 4/19/2021 candy companies, SNICKERS,  Milky Way & computer retailer, NewEgg begin their #DogeDay marketing campaigns!!! <3

Dogecoin has faster transaction times than bitcoin making it the perfect crypto for small, everyday purchases. Got an endorsement update? Contact us!

See you #DogeDay420!

"A sixpack, some green, and the #robinhoodapp all I need on #DogeDay420" - @robrobby

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